What started out as a Christmas gift quickly turned into a

hobby and then enthusiastically into a business and now

it is our passion.  We have been making infused salts and

aged extracts for over 5 years. Our mission is to create

taste sensations with a new standard of flavor in the industry

and do it with simple, bold flavors.

Our salts are infused for 3-4 hours, slow roasted for another

24 hours, then dried to perfection for your enjoyment.  Our

extracts have been steeped for over 6 months then aged at least another month to create that smooth, robust, warm taste we all crave. 

At Rich’s Pantry we expect nothing but the best and use nothing but the best ingredients.  Our recipes have been taste tested for years at farmer’s markets, special events, and by food critics and chefs alike.  We strive to create flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.  We want to make your senses (sight, taste and smell) come alive by helping you sensationalize your own creations.

After hundreds and hundreds of events and peer review taste testing’s, Rich’s Pantry is proud to offer you our premier line of mouthwatering, taste bud popping, top shelf products for your enjoyment.  No longer will you be wondering “where’s the taste?” because it is right here at Rich’s Pantry.

Our Sriracha salt is proudly featured at R&M Dessert Bar in Seattle, WA.

Steve Rich

Founder and Flavorist


vanilla extract, salts, peppers